Inside Report

By Dan Vis
July 04, 2019

Welcome to the first edition of our new Inside Report. This special update is sent once each month to the many friends and partners who support our mission. Want to start receiving these, or perhaps discontinue them? Please click here...

Today is one of my favorite holidays here in America. The 4th of July is the day we celebrate our nation's independence, and pause to remember the freedoms and liberties we enjoy. It's a day filled with food, family, fun, and fireworks!

And this year looks to be especially blessed as we'll be having a big family get together, along with close friends from our former church in Illinois. My wife is busy putting a feast together. And our son is preparing our own little fireworks display in our tiny little town. It's going to be awesome.

But as I was reflecting on these blessings, I couldn't help but think about how grateful we are for the "freedom" we now enjoy to serve full time in this ministry God has entrusted FAST. For many years, we struggled to juggle full-time work with the demands of a growing world-wide ministry, and it wasn't easy. And it's not always easy now--but we are in a position at last to give undivided attention to this mission God has put on our heart.

A mission to bring cutting-edge, Bible-centered truth to the world...

Vi & I recognize this is only possible because of you! As a partner in our mission, your support enables us to impact thousands around the world. Every day, new members join, discover the power of practical discipleship, and send in testimonies that thrill my heart. And many times I've wished I could share more of what God is doing with each of you.

Well this year, I've decided to take a step toward that! This email marks the rebirth of our Inside Report, which we hope to begin sending out once every month or two to all our partners. In it, I'll share testimonies, success, hopes, dreams, needs, and more. I'll keep it short--but try to give some small picture of what happens every day, behind the scenes, thanks to you. I pray you find it thoroughly thrilling!

I'll bring this first edition to a close now, as I've already rambled on long enough. But expect a fresh report around the first of each month. And please know, as we celebrate these lingering moments of freedom left in America, our thoughts will be on your and many others who have sacrificed to make this possible. And if you live in the USA, enjoy the special day...

To freedom!
Dan & Vi

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