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This Holiday Season, I've been trying to keep the emails down to a minimum, and kept them focused on REVIVE :: 2017, as we want every member possible to participate in what we hope will be a powerful "upper room" experience. And already, close to 400 have signed up! Praise God...

But many have expressed interest in The Journey as well, and I've been getting lot's of questions about it. So I thought I would post some answers here.

Q&A's on The Journey

Q. How is the Journey different from REVIVE?

A. REVIVE is a 10-day email series focused on how to have more of God's Spirit. The Journey is a year long multi-faceted training experience covering every major area of the Christian life. REVIVE can jump start your Christian experience, and then The Journey can help transform it!

Q. What will I learn in The Journey?

A. There's a detailed list of topics on our site, but basically we will teach you how to memorize Scripture effectively, how to apply it practically to your life, and then how to reach out to others in ministry. It covers prayer, Bible Study, time management, personal witnessing and much more! And it's spread out through year with breaks along the way so no one need fall behind.

Q. Should I take The Journey if I've done your discipleship track?

A. The Journey reviews content in our discipleship track, but also has lot's of new content. About 50%, in fact, will be new--including a completely new course on ministry development and new booklets on Spiritual Gifts, Care Groups, and Continuing Education. It will include powerful Dashboard integration, extensive supplemental resources, worksheets, coaching support and a few other surprises along the way. So, yes, sign up for The Journey, and expand on what you have already learned at FAST!

Q. If I'm taking The Journey, do I need to sign up for REVIVE?

A. Yes, that is highly recommended. REVIVE will be the perfect start to The Journey. Actually, we planned our whole intensive calendar for 2017 to revolve around and reinforce the experience of students in The Journey. As a participant, you will be able to take every Intensive we offer next year, and it will all fit together into a tightly integrated training experience.

Q. What all do I get when I sign up for The Journey?

A. In addition to The Journey classroom environment, our entire 12 month curriculum, and committed coaching support, you get access to our entire library of Study Guides and any open Intensive. Everything you need to grow spiritually is included!

Q. How much does it cost to join?

A. If you are already a partner, you can sign up at no extra cost--but you do need to sign up! If you are not a partner, you can become one at just $10/month, and you can cancel at any point you decide the course is not right for you. Sign up with an annual plan, and it's even cheaper: with two months free. That's barely a quarter a day! Plus, by choosing an annual plan, you get a FREE case of 30 Moral Machinery books (you just pay shipping). That bonus alone is worth 3x the cost of the course! After the New Year, there will also be an increase in partners fees, so there will never be a better time to join in The Journey.

Q. When does enrollment close?

A. Enrollment closes December 31, and we are not planning to open enrollment again for another year. So sign up now while you can! Be part of the very first batch of pioneers to participate in the course. Join our inaugural journey! Just click here:



Have another question about The Journey not answered here? Post it in the comments section and we'll do our best to get you an answer!

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