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We just uploaded a pretty big update to our tools area, in preparation for some future changes we're planning, and I wanted to give a quick word of explanation just in case you are curious about where things may have moved. I'm hoping the disruptions will be minimal...

If there's one constant at FAST, it's probably the word change. Our mission to bring cutting-edge training to the world means we are constantly striving to keep our tools and training on the cutting-edge. And that requires constant improvement. This week we introduced a number of small changes we hope will improve your access to the many tools on our site.

First, our main change is we've been wanting to create a hub in the LAB for several advanced tools, including tools for specific classes. This would make it super easy for LAB members to have easy access to every tool, wherever it happens to be on our site. So we've done that.

If you are a LAB member (an individual partner or member of a training center) just go to the STUDENT LAB and click LAB Tools in the menu area. There you'll find a new page with a list 7 or 8 tools advanced tools. Only one is actually a new tool, the rest were either available before, or created for a specific class. But now you can find them all on one page. Note also the side menu switches on this page to give you links to all our core tools, and other free tools, like our card generator and first letters tool. You should also note you can now get to this page, from any page in the TOOLS area.

Our one new LAB tool is a "Bible Notes" feature which allows you to attach notes to any verse in our online Bible. You can find it on the page above, or by looking for the small link to "Notes" below any verse. These notes are limited to 1000 characters and are private to you. Use them to jot down an application or insight. Or a cross reference, a comment on the translation, or anything else you want. Check it out and let us know what you think!

If you are not a LAB member, things will pretty much look the same.Now the "More Tools" button on our TOOLS home page leads to a page with all our additional free tools, plus all our advanced LAB tools, with the latter links deactivated. You will notice a couple of our tools (namely our Verse Sets and My Topics, now called Cross Referencing) have moved into the LAB only area. We're planning even more big changes to these to make them more powerful and interactive, and feel they are a better fit for the LAB area. The side menu now also shows our current free tools (like our Card Generator, etc) on every page, making these much easier to find.

There's a couple other small details worth noting. First there's a small magnifying glass at the far right of the blue resource bar (on desktop). That now takes you straight to our Bible Search tool. This is big. And super handy.

We've also renamed and slightly reorganized our Advanced Drills link (in the memory engine) to Bonus Drills and slightly reorganized the content on that page. Similarly the "Good Job" page you see after completing your daily review has been given a few extra links for those who want to continue on to other kinds of drills. Both of these provide quick access to our Full Bible Review system, which has proved quite popular for LAB members. I've also redesigned that tool so you no longer need to join the Memory Club each month to use it (though that's still certainly encouraged).

And last, I should also note, some of these changes were made to help us prepare for an all new resource coming out later this week that is going to be available to all members of our community. You are definitely going to want to keep your eyes peeled for it. Look for an email announcement on Friday! Thanks for your patience as we make these navigation tweaks, and be sure to report any bugs or issues you notice. Always forward...


What do you think of the changes? Having trouble finding anything? Spot any bugs or glitches? What changes would you most like to see in our tools area? Feel free to share a comment below.

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