By Dan Vis
October 01, 2020
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I just found out that I cited the wrong magazine as source for the story. Apparently "Adventist Journey" is only the first part of the magazine and the "Adventist World" magazine is in the back (and actually has more pages than the "Adventist Journey Section" The story can be found in the Dec 2018 Issue of Adventist World Magazine on page 30-31 - at almost the very end of the magazine just before the back cover.

When I went to see if they had posted the "Adventist Journey" magazine for December yet, I found that it had but it only included the first 15 pages or so. When I looked at the print magazines I found that after about page 15 or so the magazine starts over with Adventist World Magazine and the page numbers start over again with page 1.

Here is the web address for Adventist World December 2018 issue online where you can read the story on pages 30-31 just before the back cover. Title of the Article is "When God Called Dorcas to Do Something Big"

When God Called Dorcas to Do Something Big

Sorry for the confusion!



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