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We've been working hard to get the word out about our Life Focus Challenge, and we've been getting great feedback. We're nearly through the month and we're just shy of 500 participants. Hoping to reach that goal before everything finishes up.

But more important than how many sign up, is the feedback you get back from your students. As a number have already finished the course, we've begun getting a few testimonies. Here's a few I've skimmed from the comments in the course. If you haven't signed up yet, I'm hoping this will persuade you!

Very inspiring, broken down in a very doable way! Thank you for putting this together! (California)

To God be the glory for this short course, simple and practical to help get back on course with time management. (United Kingdom)

Wow. What a blessing. I feel peace after implementing these principles. (South Africa)

I have come away with concepts and ideas that I had never seen implemented nor heard about. I am excited! (Kenya)

Than you Dan for this excellent course. I am determined to follow this through. (United Kingdom)

I always seem to have more to do than hours to accomplish it, just like everyone else around me. I'm excited to implement this program! (Illinois)
I am so gratefully to you for this Life Focus System. I have already started implementing what I have learned. (United Kingdom)

This was definitely valuable. I have learned enough tips now to actually increase my productivity and effectiveness in my life. (Colorado)

Thank you for this course, Dan. It is helping already and I know the rest of my year will keep getting better and better. (California)

I definitely received a blessing and direction from the Life Focus Course. It helps us to cut out those unnecessary activities that distract us from fully living the way He wants us to. (Australia)

Thank you Pastor Dan. This has been the most insightful course I have taken. I have already shared it with three people. (Sweden)

The Life Focus Challenge takes just six days to complete, and it's completely FREE. Go ahead and sign up now!

Life Focus


What about you? Did you take our Life Focus Challenge? Did you find it helpful? Share a note below--perhaps your comment will encourage someone else to sign up!

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Posted by Dan Vis on 05/30/17 - Coach
Thanks Qing, Ann! Appreciate your kind words. And so glad the information was helpful!
Posted by Ann Lavenburg on 05/30/17
Yes it is helpful. It made me more conscious of the self deception and rationalization that I was doing in some areas.   
Posted by Qing Ling on 05/30/17 - Coach
Highly recommend this course - principles I have not seen anywhere else - so simple and also makes so much sense. Best of all, the methods are all bible-based!

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