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Most Christians recognize that there are benefits to hiding God's Word in our heart. And many have made efforts to do so. At FAST, we have certainly made it a priority to give people the tools and training they need to memorize Scripture effectively.

But there is more to memorizing than the mechanics of an effective review system. There is an experience we must pursue as well.

I recently stumbled on to a great piece capturing the essence of that experience, by David Matthis over at Desiring God that is worth the read. In it, he gives 5 tips for memorizing that go beyond the nuts and bolts we often emphasize. They are:

1) Diversify your picks
Choose small chunks from different parts of the Bible, preferably passages that stand out to you during your normal Bible reading.

2) Take it with you during the day
Don't just set aside a few minutes each day to memorize--review your verses throughout the day. Keep them bouncing around in your mind.

3) Seek to understand, feel, and apply
Make your verses personal. True meditation is learning to find principles and then connect them with our daily life.

4) Turn your text into prayer
Scripture can be a powerful source of inspiration for prayer. Look for ways to connect with God in dialog through every verse you learn.

5) Memorize in light of the gospel
Let the plan of salvation illuminate the Bible. What does each verse reveal about Jesus? Conversion? The life of faith?

These may seem like simple suggestions, but they are profoundly important. They can transform an experience of rote memorization into one that is deeply spiritual and richly rewarding. I encourage you to give his article a read, and then put these principles into practice.


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Posted by Stella Tigere on 04/17/17
Thanks for sharing this I have been practising mainly turning my memory text into prayer I will certainly try the rest.
Posted by Clara Peredo on 04/09/17
I have been doing some of the things mentioned such as making the verses personal, chew on it and pray through the scripture. Praise God for his oil.
Posted by Dan Vis on 04/07/17 - Coach
Hi Christine, so glad to hear how God is blessing your experience in His Word!

I like what you said Musa Sibisi about memorizing a variety of verses adding "taste" to our diet. :)
Posted by Christine Godfrey on 04/07/17
Since praying with promises I have found it brings peace and confidence in God and His word. And yes it is one of the best ways to remember the verses. God is Good.
Posted by Musa Sibisi on 03/31/17
Lisa, Dan powerful words of encouragement. Yes true, picking the verses that talks to us and dervesify brings taste in our memorization. And helps us to link them to the plan of salvation. Psalms 27:1The LORD is my light and my salvation; whom shall I fear? the LORD is the strength of my life; of whom shall I be afraid?.
Posted by Dan Vis on 10/27/16 - Coach
Hi Lisa West! Glad this post could reinforce some of the things you are doing right! :) Hope all is well. We think of you and your sisters often.
Posted by Lisa West on 10/27/16
Wow, it's interesting to see that I, in fact, practice a lot of what is mentioned in this post. Thanks for sharing.

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