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Welcome to the September 2019 edition of The Digest from FAST. If you find your inbox is overflowing, try switching to this monthly news update, and cut back on some of the other emails we send! To make the switch, head over to the subscriptions page in the Account Area and add The Digest. Then drop any mail lists you no longer wish to receive. Exercise your right to choose!

Featured Class

Looking forward to another featured class from FAST? This month we've brought back one of our favorites: Unleashed! The perfect follow-up to Spiritual Gifts. Learn how to combine your new knowledge of spiritual gifts with the 7 essential components of an unleashed ministry, and begin building a complete bridge from community to church! Free through the month of September. Tell a friend...

Monday Memos

Want to catch up on the Monday Memos we posted at FAST last month? Last month's articles revolved around our need for more of the Spirit. And particularly, power for ministry. Enjoy catching up, then share any articles you find helpful with a friend!

    Earth's Final Revival
One of Revelation's most important prophecies is also most often overlooked..
    The Need of Earnest Effort
This century-old memo, couldn't be any more timely as things are spiraling...
    The Value of a Soul
What is the value of a soul? It may be different from what you think...
    Agents of Heaven
Here are some powerful truths that can electrify your day-to-day life...

Memory Club

Each month in the LAB, our Memory club runs a special challenge to memorize as many verses as we can from one section of the Bible. In September, we focus on 6 of those potent little books near the end of the Bible: I,II Peter, I,II,III John, and Jude. Come join us as we learn all the verses we can! Want to join in? Click here for more info.

August was our second month to send out weekly Bible Boost each Friday morning, and the first month to only send them to those who subscribed. The topics last month were The Holy Spirit, Signs of the End, Teamwork, Worry, and the Law of God. To grab these FREE verse sets yourself each week, just go to your subscriptions page and add the Bible Boost! This resource is FREE to anyone with an account at FAST, so please share the link:

Sermon Series

Last month, for our featured sermon series, we unlocked one of our most powerful sermon series ever: For Such A Time... Way more information than the book, and perfect given last month's focus on revival! Anyone with an account at FAST can listen in for the next two weeks for FREE! Here's the link:

Other News

Last month I mentioned August was going to be a big month for us at FAST, because we were going to make an all out effort to implement Four Big Changes to our site.

Well, we made good progress! We completed three of the four planned revisions, including an all new Online Store, exciting new Training Teams, and late last week, an exciting new Lab Roadmap. And our fourth project? It's coming up soon! If you haven't kept up with what we've been doing, I'd definitely recommend taking a peek.

September should be a bit more quiet as we focus in on our Revival Keys class, which is turning out to be one of our best classes yet. Our final enrollment ended up just a couple shy of 200. And the participation and feedback has been great! Please keep this class in your prayers, as I believe an endtime call for revival must be an increasingly important part of our work at FAST. And this class is specifically designed to play an important part in that call...

I do, of course, have a fair list of small projects planned for September all aimed at sparking greater growth at FAST, and I'll keep you posted as those things unfold. Now that we've largely completed our overhaul of our site, it's time to start getting the word out to more people. Exciting times ahead!


Well, that pretty much wraps up this edition of The Digest. Expect a new issue right around the first of each month. Have a question or comment about any of the things coming up? Feel free to leave a note below...

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