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Welcome to the August 2019 edition of The Digest from FAST. If you find your inbox is overflowing, try switching to this monthly news update, and cut back on some of the other emails we send! To make the switch, head over to the subscriptions page in the Account Area and add The Digest. Then drop any mail lists you no longer wish to receive. Exercise your right to choose!

Featured Class

Wow, we've got something exciting for our featured class this month. An all new class designed to help you understand Spiritual Gifts and how the Holy Spirit uses them to direct and empower our life for ministry. It takes just 6 days to complete, and it's FREE through the month of August. Grab it now, while it's hot, then share it with a friend...

Monday Memos

Want to catch up on the Monday Memos we posted at FAST last month? Last months articles were all dug up from the early days of our ministry. I like to think of them as "classic FAST". Here are last month's posts. Please share with a friend!

    Counterfeits of Conviction
Some things look like personal convictions, but some fall far short...
    Team Communication
Want more effective communication in your team? Here's some do's and don'ts!
    Duct Tape & Surrender
What can the story behind this invention teach us about growing in surrender?
    The Buddy System
Many people want to get involved in disciple-making, but where to begin?
    Truth and Conscience
An address on the widespread confusion between truth and conscience.

Memory Club

Each month in the LAB, our Memory club runs a special challenge to memorize as many verses as we can from one section of the Bible. In August, we head back to the New Testament with a deep dive study into the book of Mark. Come join us as we feast on the story of Jesus once again! Want to join in our Memory Club? Click here for more info.

Last month we also started sending a weekly Bible Boost each Friday morning, and have had some great topics so far: Freedom, The Inspiration of Scripture, Trust in God, and Diligence. And more cool topics coming this month. To grab these FREE verse sets for yourself, just go to your subscriptions page and add the Bible Boost! This resource is FREE to anyone with an account at FAST.

Sermon Series

Last month we unlocked our second featured sermon series, and it's a good one: The Bible's Toughest Questions. Get answers to the questions you aren't supposed to ask in church, but people keep asking anyway! Anyone with an account at FAST can listen in for the next two weeks for FREE! Here's the link:

Other News

I'm actually thrilled to report July was one of our most productive month yet at FAST. Not only did we put out 5 brand new memos (those "classic FAST" posts from the early days of our ministry), and complete our first full month of Bible Boosts, but we managed to keep up with two unusually busy live classes (Basic Training and Truth Corps). Wow, a lot going on!

We also got some major behind the scenes work done. In particular, we hooked up more and more sections of our site to our new communication tools, activated our stats tracking tool, and did a complete revamp of our automated notifications. We also made several small changes to our site, including a new welcome page, and squashed a number of small but important bugs. We also introduced a major performance boost to our code. All our systems seem to be running smooth as butter...

And we've even made progress on changes we're planning to roll out this month. If July was a peek into the early days of FAST", August is going to be a big leap into the future. In particular we're planning big changes to our Student Lab, Training Centers, Online Store and Membership Systems. These are the last four steps in our two year plan to revamp our site. (Click here to read more). Hard to believe but we're almost done, and if all goes well, we'll be done with a month or two to spare! Expect a few extra emails this month to explain some of these changes. They're big!

And last but not least, we put together an entirely new class on Spiritual Gifts, which opened up for enrollment today. And I'll be opening enrollment soon for what may be the most important live classes we've ever put together at FAST. And the topic? Revival Keys. We believe this class could change the whole direction of our ministry. And it might just change your life, too. Don't miss either class!

Definitely a lot of progress for one month!


Well, that pretty much wraps up this edition of The Digest. Expect a new issue right around the first of each month. Have a question or comment about any of the things coming up? Feel free to leave a note below...

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