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Starting this month, we've decided to try a monthly digest of what's been happening at FAST for those who prefer to get fewer emails. If you want to be part of this group, just head over to our subscriptions page and add the digest. Then drop any emails you no longer want. Exercise your right to choose!

Featured Class

Each month we offer a different FREE class for members of our community at FAST. And our featured class for July is our tried and true Explosion Blueprint. This class will give you a step by step strategy for transforming your church! Discover New Testament secrets to explosive growth, and how to implement them today. It takes just 6 days to complete...

Monday Memos

Want to catch up on the Monday Memos we posted last month? Here are our most recent posts. Don't forget to share these with a friend!

    Remembrance Praying
Here's a super cool technique for more time praying throughout the day...
    The Secret to Growing in Prayer
If you're struggling in prayer, here's one of the most powerful keys you need.
    How to Wait on God
We know the importance of seeking direction from God. But how do we wait?
    Prayer Journal Checks
Three quick checks to make sure you are using your prayer journal to the fullest!

If you want to be notified of new research articles as they come out, click here to subscribe to our Monday Memos. These articles are FREE to anyone with an account at FAST.

Lab Classes

This past month was an exciting month for me personally with the launch of Truth Corps, and some big upgrades to our Basic Training course. Here's the scoop:

Truth Corps is a Bible worker training course designed to help participants learn how to share the truths of the Bible more effectively. It is one of our most difficult courses yet, and we have a dedicated batch of nearly 140 pioneers working through it. As part of that class we launched a new Sword Drill tool, which we'll be opening up to others at some point. Don't worry, if you missed out on the class--we have big plans for it in the future. Just stay tuned!

Our Basic Training class is also cruising along with some big changes to the course outline involving large amounts of supplemental resources. One related update was a major rewrite of our Life Focus System class, which we've interwoven into this class. I've been getting really positive feedback that all this extra materials has been a huge help to our students. Praise God...

Please keep the participants in these challenging courses in your prayers!

Memory News

Each month in the LAB we run a special memory challenge focused on learning as many verses in one specific section of the Bible as we can as a group. Our goal for July? To zoom in on the Bible between Joshua to Job! These great history books are filled with amazing stories. And verses! Want to join in our Memory Club? Click here for more info.

I should also note, we have a new lesson quarterly starting this week. If you enjoy memorizing these verses, check out our tools for these SS Verses and get your quarter off to a great start. Looking for bulletin inserts to share these resources with your church? Grab them right here! This resource if FREE to anyone with an account at FAST.

Sermon Series

We recently decided to unlock a different sermon series each month right around the 15th. Think of it as your mid-month pick-me-up! :) Last month I unlocked our Back To Basics series--which consists of four messages on the basics of discipleship. This was the first congregational journey in discipleship I led my last church through. It covers: The Word, Prayer, Obedience, and Witnessing. Anyone with an account at FAST can still listen in for the next two weeks or so, for FREE! Here's the link:

Other News

In other details, we created helpful shortcut links like and for all the menu items in our blue resource bar. And we similarly created special language shortcuts for all our translated materials that look like for a google translated Spanish version of our site and for a direct link to our Spanish study guides. Easy to use! Let me know if you need help figuring out the exact link to one of the other languages.

We made several important tweaks to our layout to eliminate some display problems on a few browsers, and a number of changes to our mobile skin to keep it looking good. And we fixed several other small bugs here and there, including our printable calendar forms, which seem to have broken somewhere along the way. In fact, we improved that page, so you can now print pretty much any month you want, and now, February gets a 29th day in leap years!

Perhaps our biggest change was a major overhaul of our communication system involving the creation of several new scripts to give us more flexibility in how we interact with community members. I'm still gradually hooking up our various systems to use these new tools, so you may not have noticed any significant changes yet--but once we have everything fully implemented you'll love all the new options. Please keep that process in your prayers!

Well, that pretty much wraps up this first edition of The Digest. Expect a new issue right around the first of each month. Feel free to leave your thoughts and comment below...


Any thoughts or comments on the news from last month, or questions about anything coming up? Feel free to leave a note below...

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