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Thanks for staying with me as I've shared some about our vision at FAST, in the context of becoming a partner. In today's email, I've got one more reason to get on board. And it's probably the craziest of them all. You are definitely going to want to read this one!

Actually, I'm a bit reluctant to share this, because it's not in place right now. And I haven't been able to put it in place for the last two years. One thing after another seems to keep getting in the way. I suspect it's just the enemy. He knows this has the potential to revolutionize everything, and he keeps throwing a wrench in the works. But no more...

Reason #5: Our Training Centers. My #1 priority for 2019.

When I was a Chicagoland pastor, my church was blessed to see solid growth, strong financial support, and a contagious friendly atmosphere. Part of the reason was our strong emphasis on discipleship training. But part of it was an intense interest in and attention to every individual member. We did that largely through a powerful software system we developed and used for virtually every church process.

When we first created our Training Center program, my plan was to include that software with every portal. And we did for a time. But I didn't really have the time to promote it, provide training for it, or polish it up properly. So I hit the pause button and took it down.

In 2019, God willing, it goes back up!

Two years has been long enough. So I've made our Training Center plans top priority for the coming year. They are already a super bargain--as they give churches access to every class and every study guide for every member--plus teaching resources and a license to print and use our tools locally. But pretty soon your Training Center will also give you some of the most powerful church admin tools available anywhere, including:

Online Directory
Instantly print out a current church directory, or access it anywhere from your phone. Complete with individual privacy settings and a free import of your existing database. Members can even update their own information!

Event Calendar
Allow multiple leaders to post events, create event registration pages, and send out event announcements and reminders. You can even tag contacts based on interests for future promotional campaigns.

Attendance Tracking
Track weekly worship attendance, and flag missing members for a visit. Automate the follow-up of new visitors to your church. Get detailed worship reports and analysis. You can even use it as a check-in system for public meetings, complete with keytag scanner!

Group Management
Easily manage care groups, church districts, SS classes, committees, church board, or groups based on interests. Leaders get access to a broad range of communication tools: emails, phone lists, mailing labels.

All of this was already functioning in our old software, plus a whole lot more. So it's mostly a matter of moving them over into our FAST site. With a little luck we can get that done in a month or two. But we also want to radically strengthen the training capabilities of your Training Center.

Imagine being able to automatically enroll members in centers. To run a Bible reading, prayer, or memory challenge in your local church. To sign people up directly for FAST classes like our Breakout Memory Challenge, and run them locally. To provide teachers tools to recruit members, support their progress, and reward the successful completion of objectives. To integrate your local training teams with our coaching support, seamlessly.

I believe a FAST Training Center has the potential to be the most valuable tool in your church admin arsenal. And I've dedicated 2019 to making that not just a dream, but a reality. And I'd love you to be part of that!

To participate, you just need to move up from being an individual partner, to being a church sponsor. You get access to all our classes and study guides for every member right now. And then the coming year will be one surprise after another as we roll out these tools. It's a revolution coming. And you can be part of it. To do that, click here:


Remember, your support is what makes all this possible. We are on a mission to transform churches everywhere, but we need your help. Let's start with your church first...

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How important is it for church leaders to have good admin tools to support their congregation? Which of the tools ahead most excites you? How important is it for every church to truly be a training center...

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