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Last week I gave a couple big reasons to become a partner. First was our online classes, like the Hero's Journey. And second was our large library of study guides, like the Survival Kit and Basic Training. Both of these are important, because they give you powerful resources that will help you climb higher in your walk with God. And we all want that!

But this week I want to mention 2 more reasons, that take being a partner to a whole new level. And here's the first of them:

Reason #3: FAST is getting an all new training Lab.

I got the idea for this during this year's Application Workshop, where I wrote a piece about the necessity of "experimental religion". How we need to be constantly testing solutions to the problems of life, and assessing results. We also tinkered with a special peer review tool to help members practice finding and making applications. The success of that tool reinforced my faith in the power of an engaged community working to support one other.

FAST is full of people just like that--serious about their faith, committed to advancing spiritually, willing to put real time and effort into growth. And able to interact with others in an encouraging and supportive way. Well, the Lab is going to be the "go to" place for just those people!

While our Online Classes are great for personal study, and our study guides are ideal for small groups, the Lab is going to be your hub for interaction and personal growth. Here's some of what I have in mind:

Live Events. All our live training events like the Breakout Memory Challenge and Worker Tools will be run through the Lab.

Action Plans. We'll be organizing all our best training resources into specific action plans on a number of topics.

Certificates. Soon FAST will offer class transcripts, and certificates to Lab members who complete training tracks.

Lab Forum. I'll be opening a Lab-only discussion forum and integrating it into training resources throughout our site.

Memory Challenges. Once a month we'll be calling all memorizers to zoom in on one specific section of the Bible--as a group.

Daily Juice. Lab members will get access to a special insider's email newsletter with frequent, bonus, motivational posts from me.

Student Union. Members will have access to new tools to engage with others in our community in a true ministry of encouragement.

In short, the Lab is going to be the place our most motivated and committed members are going to love hanging around. Always something new. Always some way to connect. It will offer a level of engagement that goes far beyond our regular classes and guides. It will be your one-stop training hub.

Yes, the Lab itself is a bit of an experiment. But if there was ever a time, to do something radical, that time is now. God is looking for a whole new breed of worker, and we at FAST want to do all we can to equip those God sends.

So if you think something like this might work for you, you know what to do! Sign up as a partner in the ministry of FAST and you get automatic enrollment in the Lab. And that's the only way you can get in. Do it now, and you can get this year's Holiday Campaign gifts, as a bonus. Sign up for a year and get two months free. It's the absolute best way to make the most of your time at FAST...


I have a couple more posts coming up, outlining even more reasons to become a partner, including a couple big changes. And then our campaign closes next week. So stay tuned!

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What most excites you about the Lab? What features are you most looking forward to? How important is it to get real encouragement and support from fellow believers?

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Posted by Dan Vis on 12/17/18 - Coach
We try Diane! :) The Lab is definitely going to be fun...
Posted by Diane Castanon on 12/17/18 - Coach
FAST always has something that sparks my interest. Thank you!

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