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Ready for my numero uno reason to become a partner? It's what I call the big tamale! And it's simply this: you believe in our mission.

For more than 20 years Vi and I have been giving our best to call God's people back to the Bible--because we truly believe it has power to change lives. That it is the best solution to the incredibly difficult issues our churches face. That it alone can prepare us for the end time trials just ahead.

And so all those years ago, just as the internet was first coming out, we made a commitment to bring cutting-edge, Bible-centered training to the world. Authentic discipleship training, long before it became the buzzword it is today. And our mission has never wavered: memorize the Word, apply it to your life, and then pass it on to others. We've been teaching and pursuing that to the best of our ability right from the start.

My confidence in the Word of God is greater now than ever. I look back through these last twenty years, and I'm amazed at how God has used these simple concepts to bring blessings to people all around the world. It's been humbling to watch...

Now finally, after all these years we've reached a position where we are able to pursue this mission full time. In fact, we just completed our first year, and we're rearing to go for year two!

And we've got plans for the new year--big plans. Some we've shared. Some we'll announce soon. But they are all plans with the potential to share the life-changing power of God's Word, with more people, and more churches.

But it is only possible through the financial support of partners like you. And that's the big tamale! The biggest reason to become a partner is because you share these same core convictions. And you want to see our mission succeed. It's not the benefits, the bonuses, the discounts, or anything else. It's because you believe in the mission...

Become a Partner

So what about it? Will you join us? Will you help us in our mission to bring cutting-edge training to the world? If so, sign up today!

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Want to join our team? And help us bring cutting-edge, Bible-centered training to the world? Your support is greatly appreciated. And the urgency of the hour is greater now than every before.

Click here to learn more. FREE gifts if you sign up during our Holiday Campagin! Don't miss out.

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How important is it to call people back to the Bible, especially given the times in which we live? How important is it support ministries, whose mission you believe in? Comments welcome!

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