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If everything works out, I plan to send another email tomorrow, with my second big reason this week for becoming a partner. And it's a pretty major. But today I wanted to slip in a quick email about our big site upgrade!

Yes, today is the day. God willing, later this afternoon we'll be uploading our new site. Things will probably be shut down for a few hours, but the results are going to be worth it!

You see, for years, we've been tweaking and retweaking every section of our site, trying to get things just right. And we've more or less figured out what people want, and how to get it to them. But underneath the code has become a rather tangled, patchwork mess. This time around, we decided to rebuild our site from the ground up. It won't look that much different, but underneath, it may well be the biggest upgrade we've ever done. And the area that received the most attention? Our tools...

Our tools are one of the most popular sections of our site. And for regular users of our site, they are easy enough to use. But for new users, there can be a bit of a learning curve. All the options can make it a bit overwhelming, especially if you are not big on computers. So we decided to solve that problem once and for all.

Basically, I went back and analyzed how people used each tool, and streamlined each one down to the absolute barest essentials. The result is a toolbox so simple, learning it is almost effortless. And it's going up today!

What does this have to do with our partners campaign? Nothing directly--all our tools are completely FREE to members whether or not they choose to support our ministry. But in another sense, it has everything to do with it. It's the generous support of our partners, that enables us to make these tools available to people around the world. And your giving helps makes steady improvement of these tools possible.

And we have lots more "improvement" planned for these tools in 2019. Coming soon, for example, will be the ability to memorize quotes and hymns in the Engine. But more important, my plans for the new year are to tightly integrate our training classes with our discipleship tools. So classes like Prayer Secrets and our Life Focus System will be fully interconnected with the corresponding Prayer Journal and Time Management tools. And those tools, will be updated to closely match the training in those classes. In other words, we want our tools and training fit like a hand in a glove.

All of these classes are available to partners. And I'll be using the Lab to introduce and discuss the changes to our tools in detail. So being a partner not only helps make these changes possible, but also gives you the inside track on every one of these changes, as they come out. So if you want to get on that inside track, click here:


Once the new site is up and I'm reasonably confident things are working as they should, I'll notify you by email. Please be patient while we work through any glitches these next few days. You're going to love all the changes...

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Which tools do you use, and which do you find most helpful in your Christian walk? What features would you most like to see in our tools? Share a thought in the comments below.

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