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Ok, here's another big benefit to becoming a partner. And it's probably even bigger than our classes! Here it is:

Reason #2: FAST has tons of Study Guides.

If you are only familiar with our online classes, you've been missing out. FAST actually started because people began hearing about the Bible study guides I was using in my own personal discipling efforts, and wanted copies for themselves. Those lessons soon spread around the world and impacted countless lives. That's what kicked it all off...

Those study guides are still some of our most powerful resources.

The Survival Kit is one of our best introductions to Scripture memory, and Basic Training is a life-changing introduction to discipleship. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Over the years we've put together more than a dozen complete Bible study courses. Plus a number of booklets. And two books.

As a partner you get instant access to everything. Or sponsor your church, and your whole congregations gets access! It's an incredible benefit.

Print out what you need. Any time you want. No waiting. No shipping costs. Carry the whole library around on your phone. Or print out a course, and do the whole thing offline! Yeah to less screen time...

Look, these study guides are life-changing because they combine real, personal Bible study, with detailed practical suggestions, and carefully selected weekly objectives. It's like having a personal coach walk you through every facet of the discipleship process. It's a powerful format, that's been proven effective in the lives of thousands.

Remember, you get access to every lesson, including every translation we have, the second you become a partner. No waiting. And no shipping. And everything available on demand. What's not to love?


And don't forget the great bonus gifts we're throwing in for new partners this year. Just click above to sign up...

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Which study guides have you explored? Which did you like best? How can having prepared study guides deepen your personal study of the Scriptures?

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