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FAST :: A Mini-Seminary

By Dan Vis
December 05, 2018
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I've been promising to share a few emails about the benefits of signing up as a partner at FAST, but I've been so busy getting ready for next week's big announcement, I've been kinda slow getting these emails out...

Anyway, here's reason #1: FAST is like a mini-seminary.

Where else can you get this kind of training for less than 35 cents a day? And for not much more, get your whole church enrolled?

Actually that's been our mission from the beginning--to bring cutting-edge, Bible-centered training to the world. To give you the tools and training you want to climb higher in your walk with God.

Becoming a partner gives you access to any class, any time. Classes like:

  • Prayer Secrets
  • The Life Focus System
  • Cross Reference
  • Made in Heaven
  • The Lost Art
  • Laws of Leadership
  • And more...

We currently have more than a dozen classes running--and plan to add another half dozen new classes in 2019. As a partner you get it all!

Better still, you get access to all our special "partner-only" live training events. That includes classes like:

  • Breakout Memory Challenge
  • Application Workshop
  • FAST Bible Intensives
  • Rocket Time Management
  • Worker Tools

Normally, we launch one of these classes every month or two. Next year we plan to run two separate tracks, doubling the number of these live events. Including classes like True Education, the Moral Machinery, Mighty in the Word, and more.

As a partner you can sign up for every single one of these classes, at no extra cost. This benefit alone more than makes up for the cost of your partnership.

So seriously, if you are looking for training with the potential to revolutionize your life, becoming a partner with FAST is the best way to go!


Click the link above to check out the bonus gifts we're throwing in for new partners this year. And then get signed up...

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Want to join our team? And help us bring cutting-edge, Bible-centered training to the world? Your support is greatly appreciated. And the urgency of the hour is greater now than every before.

Click here to learn more. FREE gifts if you sign up during our Holiday Campagin! Don't miss out.

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Have you enjoyed the classes at FAST? Which classes have been your favorite? How valuable is it to have access to training like this to help us grow spiritually?

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