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The survey we conducted in preparation for our Breakout Memory Challenge was extremely helpful, giving us lots of information to help us get ready for our Intensive. It is definitely going to help us make this class the best it can be!

For those who might be interested in the results, I've created a brief executive summary here. It is based on nearly 200 surveys. Thanks to everyone who participated. We read every answer.

How important is Scripture memory?
In our group 70% gave this question the highest score possible. And another 20% gave it the second highest score. Clearly, our community appreciates the value of memorization!

How many memorize regularly?
Surprising, the answer is almost the exact opposite percentage. A full two-thirds of our members do not have a systematic memorization program.

How many verses do you memorize each week?
Of those who do memorize, 5% reported they memorize more than 4 verses/week, about 27% memorize between 2-4 verses, and 68% memorize only one verse a week. This means 1 verse a day during the challenge will be quite a boost for most!

How many verses do you know?
Out of those surveyed, 6 reported knowing 1000 or more verses, 13 know 500-999 verses, 10 know between 101 and 499, and about 130 reported knowing 100 verses or less. Adding 30 verses will be a significant boost for most of our members.

What tools do you use?
Scripture Typer came in first, with the FAST memory engine a strong second. Swordscript, E-sword, Remember Me and a few other tools got a couple mentions each. Third place, I should note, went to those mentioning they prefer using a verse pack and cards.

One the high end (those memorizing more than 1000 verses), the FAST memory engine was most popular, with Scripture Typer and Swordscript both sharing a close second. The more verses a person knew, the more likely they were to use one of these three tools.

What is your biggest obstacle to memorizing?
We tried to break the feedback down into rough categories, so the count is slightly subjective (based on which category we thought fit the comment best). And some mentioned several obstacles, and those were counted in each category. But roughly the obstacles mentioned most often were:

#1 Lack of Time
#2 Consistency
#3 Commitment/Motivation
#4 Accountability
#5 Remembering References
#6 Longterm Retention

Also mentioned more than once, were knowing what verses to pick, problems with versions, age, health/injuries, overwork, poor memories, lack of meditation, memorizing too fast, travel, not wanting to type, discouragement, etc. And one person mentioned the dreaded washing machine, familiar to most who use a verse pack and cards!

What do you most want out of a learning environment?
Here's the feedback we got about what was most important to a successful online course. Note people could check more than one:

64% Accountability and Assessment
63% Step by Step Assignments
53% A Simple Learning Environment
51% Information / Instruction
44% Fellowship / Personal Support

This last question definitely confirms our decision to dramatically streamline our school (#3). And our intention to put a laser focus on accountability and action plans in all our upcoming Intensives. Of course, all five items are clearly important, and we plan to incorporate them all in the Breakout Memory Challenge.

It's nice to know we are on the right track!


So what do you think about the results? Anything surprise you? Anything we missed? Leave a note in the comments below.

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Posted by Dan Vis on 10/19/16 - Coach
Delene, glad the info here could be an encouragement. It seems the number one need people recognize is the need for accountability! Matches what Scripture teaches: Hebrews 3:13But exhort one another daily, while it is called To day; lest any of you be hardened through the deceitfulness of sin.. Hope you can take part in the upcoming Breakout Memory Challenge!
Posted by Delene Drescher on 10/18/16
I am thankful I am not the only one struggling at times. We do need help and encouragement. There for a while I was memorizing with a few others and it was a blessing. However, it seemed like there was a little competition going on. And memorizing for one person was easy, while for me it didn't come as easy. Praise Godthe Lord for this new challenge. May it help each of us to hide His Word in our hearts and encourage one another.

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