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After completing our Breakout Memory Challenge, I asked class participants to fill out a brief survey to give us some input on how the class went. The response was very positive (praise God!) and I've summarized the results below.

Approximately 50% of the class participants took the time to complete the survey, so the results below should be pretty representative.

Q. Do you feel this course improved your memorization?

A. A full 100% of survey respondents answered yes to this question. Wow! What an endorsement.

Q. How many of the lessons were you able to complete?

A. While not all filled out the survey, of those who did 97% checked a perfect score on this (all), and 3% gave this the second highest score (most). Considering the low completion rate of most online classes and the length of this intensive--these results are quite encouraging!

Q. How many verses were you able to memorize?

A. Our classwide average for the 30 days was 36 verses. For the survey respondents, the average was a bit higher, almost 47 verses a piece!

Q. How would you rate each of the following:

A. We checked five key areas and asked them to rank us between 1 and 5 with 1 being poor and 5 excellent. Our average score for all five areas combined was an impressive 4.8! Here's a more detailed breakdown:

Poor Fair Excellent
Class Content 3% 97%
Coaching Support 14% 86%
Forum Interactions 3% 30% 67%
Memory Tools 76% 24%
Classroom Environment 3% 19% 77%

Q. Did you accomplish everything you hoped in this class?

A. A full 90% said "Yes". Only 10% said no. This may simply represent that a couple people were not able to memorize as many verses as they wanted.

Q. Would you recommend this course to a friend?

A. A perfect score on this one! 100% said yes.

Q. If offered again, would you be interested in retaking this class?

A. Almost a perfect score. One person said "no". Every other person said "yes". This is a bit suprising, given we would largely repeat the same content again.

Q. Which topics most interest you for future intensives:

A. The top scoring topics were fasting, character development, and revival. Hopefully that last one means we'll have good turnout for our upcoming REVIVE intensive. Topics that scored low included the ten commandments, relationships, and surprisingly, time management. Given how busy everyone said they were, I expected that last topic to rank a bit higher on the list! In the middle range (50%-60% interest or so) were several ministry related topics like giving Bible studies, disciple-making, and running care groups.

Other Feedback
We also asked questions about which lessons they found most helpful, and solicited ideas for improving the course for next time. We're are currently examining that information carefully and making plans to strengthen the program even more for next time.

When asked which lessons were least helpful, typical comments were: "None", "All the lessons were helpful", "Can't think of any", "I'm stumped, I found value and new knowledge in each", "all these lessons were very helpful", "They were all excellent", "Nothing comes to mind". Feedback like that is also quite encouraging!

There were also many powerful testimonies in the forums throughout the course, and at some point I may copy some of those over into a future post. All in all the class appears to have been a great success!

Thanks to everyone who took this survey. Your feedback helps us know how we did, and gives us valuable feedback we can use to improve the class even further for future students. Hope to see each of you in another intensive soon!


So what do you think? Sound like the class was a success? Have questions about what the class was like? Ask them below in the comments.

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Posted by Dan Vis on 12/12/16 - Coach
Thanks Lisa! Good to hear from you. The Breakout Memory Challenge was a great experience. Are you going to be able to take REVIVE :: 2017? Hope to see you there...
Posted by Lisa West on 12/09/16
Dan, you have an excellent ministry! Keep up the good fight! Blessings from above!
Posted by Dan Vis on 12/08/16 - Coach
Very happy with the results. It was a great experience. Looking forward to doing it again, probably some time in March or April of 2017.
Posted by Fiona van Wyk on 12/08/16
Really interesting answers, Dan. Thanks for the info.

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