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At the moment, we're right in the middle of our REVIVE :: 2017 promotion, and we're working hard to encourage as many people as possible to join us for 10 days of what we hope will be an amazing upper room experience.

We're also working hard to get ready for The Journey, a twelve-month, discipleship adventure that is sure to change your life. It will be the most comprehensive training program we have ever offered. And we hope you have already decided to be part of both!

But so far I have not said much about The Explosion.

If you have been to our site, you probably know The Explosion is a way for churches to partner with FAST and get tools to become a more effective training center. Our goal is to help every church mobilize every member for ministry. And to do this, we give access to our entire library of study guides for every member, and powerful church admin software. For a full list of what your church gets, click here.

We currently work with dozens of churches in nearly a dozen countries, and that number continues to grow. But we have even bigger plans for 2017!

Once we finish REVIVE, and The Journey is well under way, we plan to turn our focus to our Training Center resources. We will be launching another all new intensive called The Explosion Factory--probably late next summer. And then begin rolling out a whole series of turn-key modules once each month to help you maximize every mission critical system in your church. We have tons of exciting ideas to make our entire system both easier to use, and more powerful. I can hardly wait...

God willing, it will all happen in 2017.

I'll be giving more info about all this later in the spring, but I wanted to mention it now because we are going to be increasing our prices for new Training Centers on January 1. If you want to lock in our current prices, this is the time to sign up. It's already an amazing offer, and our tools are only going to get better--so why not start benefiting right now?

Besides, by sponsoring your church as a training center, you can give every member access to our entire library of cutting-edge study guides. Think of it as a Christmas gift for your entire church! Plus, sign up with an annual plan, and you get a FREE case of 30 Moral Machinery books to give out to all your friends. (You just pay shipping). Knock out even more Christmas shopping, by wrapping up and giving away the extra books! Here's the link:


I won't be talking much more about the Explosion this year, so if you are interested, check it out now. And then sign up before the price increases. Here's to seeing every church become more explosive!

Thanks for reading!


Have specific questions about The Explosion? Happy to answer them. Just post them in the comments below and I'll do my best to get back to you.

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