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What makes our Online School so different?
Here are 5 things, for starters...

1   Our Training Works
For over 20 years, we've focused on teaching the nuts and bolts of practical discipleship. Want real life answers? That's what we do...

2   We're Global
Our online community has more than 14,000 members from around the world, and our international team of coaches is always eager to help.

3   Lot's of FREE Stuff
We give away plenty of helpful training, including something new every week. We want you to plug in, even if you never become a partner.

4   It's Cutting-Edge
We're constantly tinkering with fresh ideas, and updating our resources to better help you grow spiritually. Our school is always getting better.

5   It's Bible-Centered
Everything we do is laser focused on helping you Memorize, Apply, and Pass on the Word of God. That's the MAP for your entire journey here.


On a Personal Note
Over the last 20 years, I've traveled the world as a speaker, writer, educator and pastor. You can read more of my story here. But in all those journeys, here's what I've found:

First, there are great people everywhere who love God and really want to grow in their walk with God. And who want to make a real difference in the cause of Christ.

Second, the practical how-to's of the Christian life are rarely taught. Lot's of theology, but not much of the nuts and bolts training believers need to fulfil their potential.

That's why I've created this site. To give you access to those tools. To get that training. And so I invite you to come, and be part of a thriving community from around the world, all striving to climb higher in their walk with God.

It just takes a few minutes to join, and it's FREE. Go ahead, join now!


What People Are Saying

     "I just want to thank you again for introducing me to Scripture memory. I have memorized one verse every day for the last year, and a good number of my church members are now actively involved in Scripture memory as well. It's been a tremendous blessing." Idaho     
     "I am soooo thankful for FAST Missions. I have memorized scripture faster in 1 week with FAST, than when I have tried (and failed) on my own. The ONLY defense we have against the wiles of the devil is a 'Thus Saith The Lord' and if we don't have the word memorized, how can we stand? Thank you again... I am spreading the word about you guys!!!" New York     
     "It is exciting to hear the people reciting their memory verses as we meet together. We are looking forward to this excitement spreading throughout our church here . . . as well as throughout the world." Michigan     
     "I was introduced to FAST . . . it immediately struck a responsive cord. I have always had difficulty memorizing, but the principles presented in the FAST program were simple, practical, and reasonable . . . My list of memorized verses is growing week by week. Considering my prior difficulty memorizing, I figure since even I can learn the Scriptures, anyone can who will." Indiana     
     "I am so excited with what I have gleaned from reading the material in packs 1 & 2. In the first day-and-a-half I had a whole new concept of what my Bible was." Arizona     
     "Teaching us how to study the word and apply it to our lives . . . has made such a difference to me . . . The Lord is helping me and I'm so thankful for it." Colorado     
     Thank you very much for all the practical lessons. FAST has been an answer to a longing prayer for me to have a deeper personal devotion. Praise the Lord!     

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