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to empower agents for earth's final revival...


What You'll Learn

Our training can help you become a Revival Agent, by equipping you with the skills you need to take in God's Word effectively, live it out practically, and pass it on to others consistently. Select one of the tracks below for more info:



Eager to start memorizing God's Word? Our first track will show you just how to move from beginner to expert in four key steps. Learn more...


Ready to explore the secrets of "real life" discipleship? This track zooms in on practical skills for Bible study, prayer, time management, and more. Learn more...


Want to become a worker in the cause of Christ? This track is designed to give believers the real world training they need to multiply. Learn more...

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Laws of Leadership

Ever feel your church is stuck? Use these keys to get your church moving again.

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Many are caught up in the drudgery of day to day to life. But these powerful truths can electrify your experience....

Teaching vs Training

One big problem in discipleship today, is not understanding the difference between teaching and training.

Earth's Final Revival

One of Revelation's most important prophecies, is also one of the most often overlooked...

Does It Work?

Yes! We believe our training can change your life. Here are 5 reasons why...
1    We're Really Practical
For nearly 30 years, we've focused on the actual nuts and bolts of the Christian life. Want real life answers to real life discipleship? That's what we do...
2    It's a Global Community
FAST has helped countless believers grow in their walk with God. Our community of 17,000+ members, and our international team of coaches are eager to help you too.
3    Lot's of FREE Stuff
We give away tons of resources, including classes, sermons, verse sets, memos, tools, gifts, and more. There's something valuable for every member.
4    It's Cutting-Edge
We're constantly tinkering with fresh ideas, and updating our resources to make things even more effective. Everything just keeps getting better.
5    We're Bible-Centered
We've got a detailed step by step MAP for your time here. Everything we do is laser focused on helping you Memorize, Apply, and Pass on the Word of God.

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"I am so thankful for FAST. It has been a quiet revolution in my life. It's so awesome!"

"I love your program, it's just what I've been missing all my life."

"One year and 217 verses memorized!!!!!!!! I'm astounded."

"I will ever be grateful for this experience. It has so encouraged me to press on.
"I have been soooo blessed by this ministry! I thank God every day for bringing me to FAST!"

"This class is transforming my heart right before my eyes."

Who's Behind This?

Hi, I'm Pastor Dan Vis. And for the last 30 years, I've traveled the world as a speaker, writer, educator and pastor. You can read more of my story here. But in all those journeys, I've noticed two things:
      First, there are great people everywhere, who love God and want to climb higher in their spiritual life. Who want to make a difference in the cause of Christ. But...

Second, few have been taught the nuts and bolts of the Christian life. Lot's of theological instruction, but not much of the practical how-to's believers need to reach their real potential.

That's why this site exists. To offer those tools. To offer that training. To help every believer possible grow in their walk with God. To grow in concrete, specific, and actionable ways.

I personally believe this work is more important now than ever, as we seem to just be on the brink of earth's final revival. That it's time for God's endtime people, to arise and shine.

Don't you agree?

If you do, come join our thriving community, as we seek a bright future together--as revival agents. It just takes seconds to join, and it's FREE. Go ahead, join now!